Enhance Your Range of Motion with Our Scraping Service

Do you think having a tough and harsh approach towards dealing with softer things is justified? If so done, it is likely to cause more harm than good. Scraping therapy works on the soft tissue mobilisation technique, which offers a specific process to treat soft tissue injuries. By soft tissues, we mean the ones that connect, offer support, or surround the bones and internal organs, including ligaments, tendons, etc.

This is the relaxing massage spa process in which different tools of varied shapes and sizes are considered and scraped against the dysfunctional areas of the muscles to be treated. As a result, any limitation that your muscle goes through is broken, thereby making your body more flexible. The scraping is done back and forth over a muscle tissue that needs the treatment. The soft tissue injuries are normally caused due to trauma or overuse of muscle tissues. The intensity of the pain caused may vary from being mild and moderate to be extremely severe.

Our Pricing

We offer complimentary scraping service alongside a relaxing massage spa only at an extra payment of £10.

Full Body Relaxing Massage plus hot stone

£40 for a 60-min session
£30 for a 30-minute session

The Oriental Chinese massage scraping service is only meant to treat the softer parts of the body, especially the tissues. Dealing with a soft tissue injury is something crucial as you need to handle it with full care and attention. Scraping is the best therapy that can be opted for to get the best and most effective results.

You can call us right away and know more about the scraping therapy we offer.

Why Should You Go for It?

Yes, we agree that we are always accessible, instantly available with all our options, and quite reliable. But then could it really be your reason to opt for our scraping service? Of course not, it’s the benefits of the process that will bring you to us.

  • Removes scar tissue
  • Beneficial for people having fascia restrictions
  • Lightens your muscle, if strained
  • Relieves pain, swelling, bruising, stiffness, etc.
  • Adhesions breakdown
  • Increase in the range of motion, which means the increased movement measurement of joints