Know Us More

A couple of years ago, Oriental Therapy Chinese Massage came into existence at Leicester in the country town of Leicestershire. It started as a simple massage therapy provider to make sure the daily or weekly or monthly physical stress of the public could be dealt with well. Gradually, we explored the advantages of the massage and spa therapy we offered. It made us understand that the reflexology body massage,including Chinese Massage Therapy which we specialise in, is not only a relaxation provider but also an ideal health treatment.

Our Approach

As soon as we explored the health benefits of the massage therapy that we offered to our clients, our first aim was to introduce more range of services and hire personnel having expertise in the respective types of therapy options. Apart from reflexology, we brought the rarest but most effective massage options into the notice of our clients, including four hands massage therapy. We educated them with the advantages of undergoing a particular massage. As a result, our clients opted for a suitable type of therapy based on the purpose they needed it for. We gained the trust of our clients, whose word-of-mouth reference became our greatest strength.

Our Team

We understand that there is no use of undergoing therapy if the right nerves are not pressed in the right manner. Oriental Therapy Chinese Massage is a hub of expert therapists who know which nerve to press to serve what purpose. It may not appear to be so to the people witnessing the massage session but the truth is that the nerves and the manner in which they are pressed for relaxation are different from that done for a particular health issue.

Our team consists of well-skilled and experienced therapists. After all, only an advanced professional understands the needs of clients and accordingly serve them. The best part is that they are the professionals who do not offer therapy for the namesake but they do so out of their passion.

Why You Must Try Us?

  • Professionalism is of utmost significance for us
  • Qualified professionals are our strength
  • Experienced therapists are our backbone
  • You get what you want from simple relaxation body massage to real deep tissue massage
  • We educate before we serve you
  • Industry-dominating brand
  • Personalised approach

Whether you are suffering from exhaustion or you want to get rid of the back pain, a 30-60-minute massage therapy is what you need. Connect with us and give your life a fresh start the next morning.